You may recall this post from a couple weeks ago in which I pledged to go vegetarian and started with eliminating beef. Well, I haven't had any beef since and now I'm ready to step it up a notch. From now on, I'm not eating pork. Pigs. No more pigs. I would like to have a pet pig one day and I won't be able to look my little pig in the face after eating bacon, so I'm starting now.

Beef was pretty easy to give up. Pork isn't a big deal either. I'll eliminate chicken in a couple weeks, although I'm not eating much of that these days. Once you get started, things just sort of fall into place.

Tonight we're eating fresh wild trout that my father-in-law caught in Montana two days ago. We spent about a week in the Glacier National Park area and just returned last night. The garden went crazy while we were gone, and we'll be eating a fresh head of cauliflower from the garden with our dinner tonight! Photos coming soon...


Brittany said...

Way to go! I'm totally jealous of your cauliflower.