I love old things. Homes, furniture, people, you name it. Old things have so much more character than anything you could buy new. Reusing items is easier on our planet than constantly buying new ones. I've made some fantastic finds at garage sales and D.I. recently, like the set of glasses shown above, and I've also been seeing a lot of great vintage items in the KSL classifieds and on Craig's List that I'd like to pass along. Here are just a few of the items available now in the Provo/Salt Lake area:

Vintage Couch $50

Vintage Desk $129

Vintage Metal Bed $95

Vintage Swinging Cradle $35

Vintage Nightstand $10


Jolyn said...

p.s. I love that bed. I would buy it right now if I had somewhere to put it.

leah said...

Is the swinging cradle available still? I love it. Can you give me an idea of how big it is? Please e-mail me Thanks.
love you blog btw.

Jolyn said...

Hi Leah,

Thank you for your comment. These vintage items are not things that I am selling myself, they are available on Craig's List and If you click on the name of the item it will take you to the seller's posting. The cradle hasn't been marked as sold yet, so it might still be available. Click on the name to get the seller's phone number. Good luck!

Ashley said...

Hi do you have any items you are looking to sell? I love what you have posted on this site; however, I noticed this was last year...

Please advise.

Thank you!