I've been the worst blogger lately. Life has been crazy, in a good way. I've been very busy, but I haven't forgotten about my pledge to go veg. In fact, I don't think there's any turning back at this point. I'm hooked. I haven't had meat for about a month and I feel great. There's been no shortage of delicious things to eat, my digestive system has never been more efficient, and I've even lost a couple pounds.

The best part is that I don't miss meat at all. Well, mostly. There was one night last week when I made some homemade tomato sauce and mushroom gnocchi (yum!). I cooked up some Italian sausage for my husband to go with it. Italian sausage is what I always thought I would miss the most, and I was right. It smelled so delicious, but I resisted, thanks in part to my supportive husband. He has actually helped me several times along the way. (**Sidenote: My husband hasn't decided to go veg yet, but has drastically cut his meat intake. Although there are a few things in our freezer that he is using up (italian sausage for example), once those things are gone we won't be cooking meat in our home anymore.)

I have tried to commit to a vegetarian diet a couple times before. This time has been much easier and I think the secret was the gradual transition. I cut out beef first, then pork, then chicken. I haven't made a firm commitment to cut out fish yet, but that's not something that I eat very often either. I made the changes that I wanted to make, without guilting myself into it or depriving myself of anything. If you're trying to make it work for you, those are my suggestions.

Tonight I'm making my favorite Mexican dish, chile relleno. I'm using some anaheim chiles from our garden and I'll be mixing and matching these two recipes:

Poblano Chile Rellenos (Macheesmo)

Chile Rellenos Con Queso (The People's Guide to Mexico)

I'll let you know how it goes!


You may recall this post from a couple weeks ago in which I pledged to go vegetarian and started with eliminating beef. Well, I haven't had any beef since and now I'm ready to step it up a notch. From now on, I'm not eating pork. Pigs. No more pigs. I would like to have a pet pig one day and I won't be able to look my little pig in the face after eating bacon, so I'm starting now.

Beef was pretty easy to give up. Pork isn't a big deal either. I'll eliminate chicken in a couple weeks, although I'm not eating much of that these days. Once you get started, things just sort of fall into place.

Tonight we're eating fresh wild trout that my father-in-law caught in Montana two days ago. We spent about a week in the Glacier National Park area and just returned last night. The garden went crazy while we were gone, and we'll be eating a fresh head of cauliflower from the garden with our dinner tonight! Photos coming soon...

24 OCTOBER 2009


Want to be part of the largest grassroots climate action in global history? Check out this new animation from 350.org and visit their website to get involved.



Last night's mini-harvest has already been eaten, but I took a picture to remember it by. We had enough green beans to share between the two of us for dinner, a beet, a handful of fresh peas, herbs (oregano, thyme, basil, parsley), and of course, a variety of lettuces.

Dinner was whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce made with the herbs you see pictured and some frozen tomatoes from last year's harvest. We also cooked up the green beans and beet, and had a large, lovely salad. There's nothing better than eating straight out of the garden!


I love old things. Homes, furniture, people, you name it. Old things have so much more character than anything you could buy new. Reusing items is easier on our planet than constantly buying new ones. I've made some fantastic finds at garage sales and D.I. recently, like the set of glasses shown above, and I've also been seeing a lot of great vintage items in the KSL classifieds and on Craig's List that I'd like to pass along. Here are just a few of the items available now in the Provo/Salt Lake area:

Vintage Couch $50

Vintage Desk $129

Vintage Metal Bed $95

Vintage Swinging Cradle $35

Vintage Nightstand $10